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Projects co-financed by European Funds

Space to publicize the projects co-funded by the European Union in the municipal district of Palma

The City Council of Palma has an Office of European Funds and Subsidiaries dependent on Batlia that has, among others, the following functions: coordination and supervision of the presentation of European and/or eligible projects, search for subsidies and external financing for municipal projects, supervision of eligible projects with European and /or state funds, coordination with the municipal areas executing European projects and subsidized projects with external funds, attention to audits and controls of external control bodies, coordination with the department responsible for the Government in the matter of European Funds, and with the rest of the organs of the public administrations of the Balearic Islands involved in European and state funds and department responsible for the City Council of Palma for the purposes of the functions of the "Intermediate Organism" for the Strategy DUSI, City Council of Palma Ponent Litoral Plan.

The City Council of Palma in its decision to adopt a policy of zero tolerance for fraud and corruption, establishes the "Communication of information on fraud or irregularities affecting European funds" channel established by the National Antifraud Coordination Service of the General State Intervention (IGAE). Here you will find more information about the procedure

Information communication on suspicions of fraud in projects financed by European Funds

Date of last modification:18 of February 2019

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