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The Town Hall incorporates WhatsApp messaging service as a new channel of communication for residents

29 of april 2016

It will be a new, fast and free channel for reporting deficiencies detected on the public highway and for sending their locations and photographs.

Aurora Jhardi: "We want to open the Town Hall's doors and windows to residents in response to our desire to improve public services"

Palma, 29 April 2016.- On 2 May, Palma Town Hall will launch an initiative to allow residents to report incidents on the public highway.

Residents who wish to do so will be able to report deficiencies detected on the public highway and to send their locations and photographs via WhatsApp as well as via 010 and the municipal website, which are already operational.

The staff at 010 will manage this line, which is available on 626 035 035. They will ensure that the requests from residents reach the department responsible for resolving them. Residents will not receive an express reply.

Residents will be able to send incidents and/or photographs as well as their location 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The Deputy Mayor of Public Service and Internal Government, Aurora Jhardi emphasised that "with this system we hope to take a further step towards bringing the Administration closer to residents so that it is more accessible, faster and more efficient. We are opening the Town Hall's doors and windows to residents."

Residents with WhatsApp will be able to report deficiencies on the public highway (for example, the need to change a bulb in a street lamp, or broken street furniture, etc.) and they can include a picture and the location immediately, comfortably and at no cost. A second phase is hoped to extend this service to municipal information enquiries, complaints and suggestions, which will be passed on as necessary.

Up until now, the channels enabled for reporting incidents on the public highway are via telephone number 010 and the Town Hall's website (complaints, suggestions and requests). We are now adding WhatsApp to these channels.

In 2015 a total of 9,082 communications were received: 4,185 incidents relating to lighting, 2,571 relating to highways (pavements and road surfaces) and 2,326 relating to parks and gardens. Up until now, the 010 telephone number is the most used medium for residents.

Jhardi affirmed that this new direct communication mechanism with residents "is in response to our desire to improve public services". Jhardi has emphasised the good evaluation results obtained by the Town Hall's resident assistance service, which has been able to renew the certifications of the service charters.

Date of last modification: 24 of May 2016

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