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Palma municipality against animal maltreatment and bullfighting

30 of july 2015

Palma municipality against animal maltreatment and bullfighting

First. - The Palma Town Council hereby declares the opposition of the Town of Palma to the maltreatment of animals.

Second. - The Palma Town Council hereby declares the opposition of the Municipality of Palma to bullfighting, bull-running and the practise of any type of violence directed against animals in which states of anxiety due to maltreatment, suffering or physical or psychological harm may be caused.

Third. ¿ The Palma Town Council manifests its desire not to celebrate bull runs or other spectacles in which death or psychological stress is inflicted on any animal in any bullring in Palma or the Balearic Islands, and that these spaces be converted for other uses that are in accordance with the terms of this proposal. Likewise the Palma Town Council will abstain from the exaltation or recognition of bullfighting spectacles through the awarding of prizes or other forms of public recognition.

Fourth. ¿ The Palma Town Council requests modification of the current Autonomous Animal Protection Law by the Balearic Islands Parliament in an effort to ensure comprehensive protection for animals, be these wild or domesticated. The Council also requests that Parliament prohibit bullfighting in all its modalities, including any performance or spectacle in which animal suffering is caused, and abolish all forms of promotion and protection of bullfighting spectacles by way of grants, subsidies, investments, fiscal benefits or any other form of public financing.

Fifth. ¿ The Palma Town Council promises to both bring this motion before the Parlament de les Illes Balears, the Govern de les Illes Balears, the Consell de Mallorca, the Federación de Entidades Locales de las Islas Baleares and other animal welfare organisations in the Balearic Islands and to modify the corresponding bylaws.

Sixth. ¿ The Palma Town Council urges the Spanish Government to abolish all public support for the bullfighting sector, to eliminate all "spectacles" in which animals are maltreated from any declaration of Heritage of Cultural or Tourist Interest, and to approve legislative, administrative and educational child protection measures that are in accordance with declarations by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) that advocate the distancing of underage children from the "violence of bullfighting".

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Date of last modification: 27 of August 2015

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