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The VII Fair Ran de Mar in El Molinar is held this year with the participation of 52 stalls and a great Dimoniada.

29 of july 2014

The Fair has as an objective to announce the values of Culture, craftsmanship and gastronomy of the neighbourhood; it will take place in August 1, 2 and 3.

Palma, July 29, 2014.- The Deputy Major of Comerç, Traball, Joventut i Participació, Esperanza Crespí has presented today the Fair Ran de Mar which will be held in the El Molinar neighbourhood in August 1,2 and 3. This year, the fair has 52 stalls, a great Dimoniada with more than 70 dimonis (demons) and a wide demonstration of the cultural, artisan and gastronomic activities of the neighbourhood.

The president of the Associació Picarol de Dones de Bauxa, Francisca Amengual, the president of the Associació Embat, Toni Perpinyà, the representative of the Associació Juvenil, S'Illeta, Joan Riera, the Coordinator of the Dimoniada, Toni Fiol and the organizer of the meeting of vela Latina, Jaume Amengual have attended to the presentation ceremony.

During the presentation, Esperanza Crespí has emphised the work and effort made by associations, since "thanks their involment, El Molinar will be turned this weekend into the meeting point of the locals and visitors".

The deputy Major has added that "La Fira Ran de Mar, which it's in its 7th edition, is one of the key events in the dynamization of the neighbourhood, promoting the values of culture, crafts and gastronomy".

The Deputy Major of Participació has added that "the success of this fair is guaranteed thanks to the good turnout, with the attendance of more than 3,000 people in the last editions, and it is also worth mentioning the positive economic effect that la Fira has for exhibitors, shops, cafeterias and restaurants of the neighbourhood".

Toni Perpinyà, president of the Associació Embat, has pointed out that the fair will be held, as every year, in the Passeig del El Molinar, in the area of S'Areneta. Organizers have thanked the disinterested collaboration of the neighbours in the organization of la Fira, the Town Council of Palma through PalmaActiva and other municipal areas and the collaboration of the Associació Hotelera de la Platja de Palma which has spreaded la Fira among their guests".

Activities will be started on Friday 1th in the afternoon with a workshop of activities, organized by the Servei Municipal de Dinamització in the neighbourhoods known as Dinamo and aimed at the youngest public. Also, a rock concert and a Dimoniada will be held, in which more than 70 demons will take part.

On Saturday 2nd, the program will be started at 9 a.m. with a meeting and a paiters exhibition and, at night, it is planned a habaneras concert and live music. A meeting of vela Latina and a native gastronomic tasting will be held during this day.

On Sunday, last day of la Fira, it will be proceeded to the official opening of la Fira, with art markets, meeting of needlewomen, marinera fair, typical and artisanal products, meeting of gegants (giants), "pa amb oli" fair and popular dance.

Date of last modification: 1 of August 2014

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