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EMAYA and the Works committee reach an agreement for the social peace which will avoid a new strike call this summer.

22 of july 2014

The management has highlighted the capacity to dialogue of all parties and they are willing to continue working in the search of "definitive agreements".

Palma, July 22, 2014. - The management of EMAYA and the Works committee of the Environment area have reached today an agreement unanimously in honour of social peace in the conciliation meeting celebrated in the Labour Court, which close the door to any possibility of strike call until next September.

From this moment, the management of EMAYA and the Works committee have agreed to start the relevant negotiations during the stipulated period with the will to consolidate this agreement of social peace which allow to prevent future conflicts like the present.

The conciliator agreement among the Works committee and the management has also avoided the trial and a sentence that would have declared the illegality of the last strike call.

After signing the conciliatory settlement, the president of EMAYA, Andre Garau has expressed his satisfaction for "having achieved to reach an agreement unanimously with all trade unions with the goal of setting a deadline to negotiate until September 30 in a more relaxed atmosphere and without any threat of strike".

Garau has emphised that "Palma won't have this permanent threat of strike in summer" and he has thanked "all the actors the will of negotiation and the dialogue that has always existed on the part of the company and we have led to this understanding".

The President of the Municipal Company has added that "from now on it's our turn to keep working to be able to reach definitive agreements without putting the city of Palma in check each time.

An apology message has been also sent to citizenship from the management of EMAYA for the incidents reported in the services of waste collection during the last weeks and it has expressed its willingness to work to reach the cleaning that citizens of Palma deserve and demand. 

Date of last modification: 24 of July 2014

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