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Palma and Sóller turn Mallorca into territory Miró.

21 of july 2014

Mateo Isern: "this initiative gives to our link with Joan Miró the dimension that deserves".

A new ticket allows, for 30 Euros; know the entire Miró Universe present on the Island, including museums, train and tram of Sóller.

Palma, July 21, 2014. - The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, has signed with representatives of several associations which promote the Joan Miró's work, as well as with the Mayor of Sóller, Carlos Simarro, the agreement of the campaign Palma-Sóller, Territory Miró. The campaign allows the acquisition of a flat-rate ticket of 30 Euros for a complete tour which bring closer the figure and the work of this universal artist, with an undoubted link with Palma, Sóller and all Mallorca. The Mayor, Mateo Isern, has stated that "Palma and Sóller are, more than ever, Territory Miró", thanks to the cultural proposal we do "as holders of the extraordinary Miró's legacy".

The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, has emphasized that this initiative "give to our link with Joan Miró the dimension that deserves", since "identify Palma with Miró has been a priority for this Town Council". In fact, it is not the first time that Cort works in this direction, as it has to be remembered initiatives such as the reorganization of the Espai Estrella de la Fundació Pilar y Joan Miró, or the common project among the Fundació and Es Baluard, to identify Palma as Territory Miró.

It has also carried out a dissemination at European level, with exhibitions of the own Fundació collection. However, the Mayor has highlighted that "all this international promotion will be incomplete without working an inner offer which is visible at local and touristic here in Majorca". This Palma-Sóller Territory Miró "takes a step forward in the way of providing the maximum dimension to the identification of the artist with Palma and also with Sóller and all Majorca".

Mateo Isern has stressed that "Majorca was the scene of his inspiration" and the territory chosen to develop his artistic activity; it has to be also emphasized that his descendants live here, "so that the circle is absolutely complete".

Precisely, the artist's grandson, Joan Punyet, present at the ceremony, was showed "happy" to give the rights to the image of "the only picture painted by Miró which name is "Paisatge de Palma", which he painted when he was 80 and serve as promotional image. Punyet has emphised that, in his 27 years living on the Island, Miró spent a lot of time "painting, thinking and creating looking at la Seu". Precisely, in relation to the promotion of the campaign, the Obra social de La Caixa collaborates with 250 tickets for the beneficiaries of its programmes Incorpora, Reincorpora and CaixaProInfància, as well as through press advertisements, vinyl, hoardings distributed through the streets of Palma, municipal car parks, leaflets and various formats in two phases.

The initiative includes a tour through the universe "mironià" presented in Majorca: the journey Palma-Sóller-Port de Sóller with the trams of Sóller, the ticket to Can Prunera, ticket to Es Baluard Museum and ticket to the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of these collaborator entities: Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, Es Baluard Museum, can Prunera and Fundació Tren de l'Art. Joan Punyet, of Successiò Miró and artist's grandson; Carlos Simarro, Mayor of Sóller; pere Serra, President of the Fundació Tren de l'Art; Juan Ramón Fuertes, Regional director of La Caixa; Nekane Aramburu, manager of Es Baluard; Elvira Cámara, Manager of Fundació PIJM, Álvaro Gijón, Deputy Mayor of turisme i Coordinació Municipal, Fernando Gilet, Deputy Mayor of Cultura i Sports, and Rogelio Araújo, of the Fundació Tren de l'Art have attended at the ceremony.

Date of last modification: 22 of July 2014

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