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The campaign of tourist promotion "Passion for Palma de Mallorca" has been presented at society.

24 of july 2013

The new brand has as an aim to position the Balearic Capital as urban tourist destination 365 day a year.

Palma, July 23, 2013. - The Government President of the Illes Balears, José Ramón Bauzá and the Palma's Mayor, Mateo Isern, have chaired this afternoon the presentation ceremony of the tourism promotion campaign "Passion for Palma de Mallorca", which took place in the Aljub hall of Es Baluard museum.

The event has count on the presence of the Deputy Mayor of turisme i Coordinació Municipal, Álvaro Gijón; the management of the Fundació Turisme palma de Mallorca 365, Pedro Homar; the genenal director of Turisme, Javier bonet and broad representation of employers of the tourism sector and private employers of the Fundació. The act has also count on the presence of the Majorcan photographer, Nando Esteva, author of the originals of the campaign and the six selected models chosen in the contest "Vacaciones por la cara".

It should be pointed out that last March the Fundació set in motion the contest "Vacaciones por la cara", under the motto "Passion for Palma de Mallorca", based on the creativity and originality, where the citizen participation and social networks were the real starts. In which any resident of Majorca could aspire to become one of the six protagonist of the new campaign.

418 photos were uploaded to Facebook, of which the 30 most voted were selected. Judges chose 18 finalists that passed a casting, finally naming the six winners; Fernándo Coccoz, Lody Méndez, Fran Muñoz, Aina Sureda, toni company and Alicia Herrero. Mateo Isern has thanked all the masters and private companies who have collaborated and make possible that the project "Passion for Palma de Mallorca" are today a reality. A campaign which aims is to position the city as an urban tourist destination 365 days a year. 

The mayor has expressed his satisfaction with the final result of the campaign and has thanked especially to Nando Esteva for getting involved in the project selflessly.

Also, Isern has recognized the work done by Yago Cachafeiro and his agency The Atomic Idea, in the development of the campaign.

For his part, the deputy mayor of Turisme, Álvaro Gijón, has made public the most significant details of this campaign of tourist promotion, one of which objectives is to make aware the local population about the importance of tourism for the city. For this reason, the campaign is starred by citizens chosen through the contest "Vacaciones por la cara".

The campaign "Passion for Palma de Mallorca" is focused in six products considered the key to the promotion of Palma as an urban destination, beyond the sun and beach.

Each of these six products (Culture, cousine, Sports, nautical, golf and shopping) is associated to a representative scenary in the images by Nando Esteva.

Culture: Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró.

Cousine: Moll Vell.

Sports: Castillo de Bellver.

Náutical: Bahía de Palma.

Golf: Son Muntaner.

Shopping: Plaza de la Reina.

The campaign anticipates being developed in two phases. The first one will begin this Wednesday in Palma and in the main tourist centres of Mallorca, taking advantage of the greater influx of tourists of the high season.

The second phase of the campaign will take place from September and be focused in the main issuing markets: Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. The aim is made public the possibilities of Palma as an urban tourist destination and the possibilities that offer the Capital the 365 year of the year.

The total Budget of the promotion campaign is near to the million Euros, although the real expense is of €40,000 exclusively in printing and billboards. The rest are advertising contributions committed by private master of the fundació; as well as the generous collaboration of all companies and professionals that, in an exceptional way, have joined to the tourist promotion project.

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Date of last modification: 26 of July 2013

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