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The Gorg Blau and Cúber reservoirs are currently at 92€ of their capacity.

27 of march 2013

This month of March, with a rainfall of 235, 5 liters/m2 in the reservoirs, it has been the wettest since 1991.

Palma, March 27, 2013.- The Town council of Palma's reservoirs in the Serra de Tramuntana which is managed by the Municipal Company of water and sewerage (EMAYA) are currently almost at 92% of their maximum capacity, what exceed in a 1% the reserve levels in which were in the same period last year 2012, when they were at 91% of their capacity.

Gorg Blau reservoir is in the 90,04% of its capacity with a volume of reservoir water greater than 6.5 million cubic meters, while the Cúber reservoir is at 93.56% of its capacity with a volume of collected water greater than 4 million cubic meters. In total, the whole reserve is 11 million m3 of water.

Regarding the rainfalls recorded since the last January, the reservoirs have collected a total of 466 liters per m2. This March, with a total rainfall of 235,50 liters/m2 in Gorg Blau and Cúber, it has become the wettest in the 2 Serra's reservoirs since the 1991.

Although Palma has fully guaranteed the drinking water supply for the population, recalled the need to save and make a responsible use of water since it is a scarce and first necessity good.

Date of last modification: 2 of April 2013

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