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The Town Council of Palma presents a procession of the Three Wise Men "more participative than ever".

2 of january 2013

The Deputy Mayor of Benestar Social , Inmigració i Participació (Social Welfare, immigration and participation) awards the prize of the poster's competition to Guillermo Barceló Marqués, who is the winner for his poster "Ja són a Palma".

Palma, January 2, 2013 .- The deputy mayor of Benestar Social, inmigració i Participació of the Town council of Palma, Sandra Fernández, has presented today in the Session Hall of Cort the procession of the Three Wise Men 2013, who has qualified it as "more participative than ever", with four floats more than the last year, six group more on the floats and two groups more on foot, and it has to be added more entities' participation.

In this sense, Sandra Fernández has wanted to thank expressly to the entities and collaborating companies present at the ceremony, its support to make possible this procession, "both for these that show us their confidence for the first time and for who collaborate year after year to bring illusion to thousands and thousands of children". She has also thanked the work done by municipal civil servant, especially of Participació Ciutadana and the Artistic Director's work of the parade, Antoni Socias.

The next Saturday 5th January at 17:30 hours, half an hour earlier than the last year, their Majesties will arrive at the Moll Vell aboard the Turkish schooner Alania. This year, the floats' concentration will be again in the Moll Vell, given that the end of the road works allows making the concentration in the usual place. The last two years the concentration had to be done in Passeig Sagrera because of the road works of the Moll Vell.


The deputy mayor of Benestar Social, inmigració i Participació of the Town Council of Palma, Sandra Fernández has explained that the itinerary will be: av. d'Antoni Maura, pl. de la Reina, passeig del Born, pl. del Rei Joan Carles I, c. de la Unió, la Rambla, via Roma, c. del Bisbe Campins, c. de la Cerdanya, passeig de Mallorca, av. de Jaume III, pl. del Rei Joan Carles I, passeig del Born i pl. de la Reina.

Then the Royal retinue will go up to Plaça de Cort.

During the procession, children can give their letters to the Royal postmen comparsa. Moreover, children who give their dummy to the Three Wise Men will have a special gift.

Ascent to Cort.

Once completed the route, the Three Wise Men will go up at 19:45 hours to the Town council, where they will be greeted by the municipal authorities. The three floats of their Majesties go up to Cort, accompanied by their retinue and comparsas on foot. At 20:25 h. the Three Wise Men will greet from the Cort's balcony.

There will be a big screen in the square in order to the audience can see the parade while they wait for the Three Wise Men arrival. To make the wait more enjoyable, from 19 hours the Agrupació Coral Femenina de Sant Francesc will act.

Their Majesties will receive the Fundació Once'children, l'Associació de Pares i Amics de Sords (Aspas) i del Col·legi La Purísima in the plenary hall of the Town Council.

The ascent of the Conquistador Street is not part of the parade, given that it will be done in silence to prepare the arrival at Cort.


The Deputy Mayor of Benestar Social, inmigració i Participacio of the Town Council of Palma, Sandre Fernández has also explained that in the procession of the Three Wise Men is trying to promote the accessibility of people with disabilities, and some reserved areas have been established.

- Limit Paseo Mallorca - Amadiba (50 people)

- Tent Pl. Joan Carles I ¿ Aspanob (100 people). The assembly of this tent is sponsored by T-Systems and, to make the wait of the Three Wise Men more enjoyable for children, counting with the presence of the Sonrisa Médica's clowns and a taste of McDonalds.

- Limit Pl. Weyler - Mater Misericordiae (20 people)

- Limit Av. Antoni Maura - Apadist (80 people)

- Platform Pl. de la Reina

- Aspaprode (40 people)

Reception in the Plenary Hall

· Fundación Once (120 people)

· Aspas (68 people)

· La Purísima (33 people)

This year has been removed the limit of the Plaça de Cort. This measure allows to increase the public capacity in the square and the entities that occupied it (Once, Aspas and La Purísima) will be received later at the reception of the Three Wise Men in the Plenary Hall of the Town council. Total people with disabilities: 511 people


Sponsor Quantitat

El Corte Inglés 3000 kg

Endesa 300 kg

Santander 2000 kg

El club del Suscriptor UH 500 kg

Sa Nostra 300 kg

Gas Natural col·laboració Fundació IBI Comerç 150 kg

Total 6250 kg

Participant entities

· Policia Muntada de Policia Local de Palma · Banda Municipal de Música de Palma

· Gegants, Capgrossos i Xeremiers de la Sala

· Tamborers de la Sala

· Bombers de Palma

 · Carroza de Son Amar

· Carroza El Corte Inglés

· Carroza Hard Rock Café Mallorca

· Carroza Atlético Baleares

· Comparsa de Correos y Telégrafos

· Escola de Dansa Francisca Tomàs

 · Tuna de la Escuela Universitaria de Turismo Felipe Moreno · Agrupación Musical La Paz

· Blueschool

· Academia Top Dance

· Estupendos Burruños

· Mallorclown

· Batucada Foc i So

· Agrupament Escolta i Guia Eladi Homs

· Club del Suscriptor Ultima Hora

· Associació S'Olivera de Son Cotoner

· Trui Teatre· Wonderbras

· Es bruix Teatre

· Afedeco, Pimeco i Fundació IBI Comerç

· Associació Espanyola contra el Càncer

· Tambors per la Pau

Sponsors and contributors
· Endesa
· El Corte Inglés
· Sa Nostra
· T-Systems
· Santander
· AirEuropa
· Zertifika
· Juguettos
· Duran
· PalmaCitysightseeing
· Segway Palma
· Escuela de Peluquería Maria y Jose
· Roig, SA
· McDonald's
· Sonrisa Médica
· Real Club Náutico de Palma
· Aemet
· Ports de Balears

This year all the procession of the Three Wise Men will be broadcast live by IB3 Televisió.

Poster's competition award of the Three Wise Men.

During the presentation ceremony, the deputy mayor of Benestar Social, Inmigració i Participació of the Town Council of Palma, Sandra Fernández has awarded the prize to the winner of the poster's competition of the procession of the Three Wise Men, Guillermo Barceló Marqués, with the poster, "Ja són a Palma". The prize is a return ticket for two people to a European destination, courtesy of AirEuropa.

Roya pages arrival.

As every year, the parade will be preceded by the Royal pages arrival on Thursday, January 3 at 12 hours in Plaça de Cort, where all children can give their letters personally to the pages.

Comparative participants
                           2011       2012          2013
Participant floats 15 16 20
Comparsas on floats 9 10 16
Comparsas on foot 18 19 21
Total approximately participants 425 550 650 (aprox)

The Budget has increased a 7, 63% in relation to the last year owing to the Tax increase. If we only take into account the tax base, the budget has dropped a 3, 49%.

Comparative 2012 / 2013
Tax base 201.917,97 €
8 % of VAT 16.153,44 €
Total 218.071,41 €

Tax base 195.114,69 €
21% of VAT 40.974,08 €
Total 236.088,77 €

difference 2012/2013 with regard to tax base -3,49%
difference 2012/2013 total with VAT included 7,63%

Road closure
· From 17 to 19 hours there will be road closures in Passeig Maritim and port authority from Av.Gabriel Alomar to Av. Argentina.

· From 17 hours until the end there will be road closures on the parade itinerary. Traffic will be re-established as soon as the procession passes. It will enable access to clinics and urgent cases within the perimeter closed to traffic.

No parking

· In the entire parade itinerary, it will be prohibited to park from 14 hours and it will be allowed controlled stop no more than 10 minutes until 16 hours. From this time, it can't stop.

Date of last modification: 4 of January 2013

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