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The Town Council of Palma and el Consell will carry out jointly the transformation of the dual highway of llevant in urban road between Medellín and Manuel Azaña streets.

9 of august 2012

· The Works will begin in November, will last six months and will have a Budget of 3, 078, 691, 48 Euros.

· The Project wins the traffic space to create an urban avenue with parks and gardens, regulate the traffic and connect the polígono de Llevant and El Molinar.

Palma, 8th of August 2012. ¿ The Deputy Mayor of Infrastructures and Territorial coordination of the Town Council of Palma, Sebatià Sansó and island director of roads of the Consell, Rafael Gelabert, presented today the project which will be carried out jointly the Town Council of Palma and The Consell to execute the restructuring works in urban road of the dual highway stretch of Llevant (Ma-19) between Manuel Azaña and Medellín streets.

This transformation of a dual highway into street contemplates the new uses associated with the Palau de Congressos, but goes much further since it contribuyes to minimize and correct the barrier effect that historically suffer the urban areas which surrounding the dual highway between El Molinar, Can Pere Antoni, Polígon de Llevant and El Portixol.

With this transformation of the dual highway of Llevant in urban road, a part of the city gets closer to the sea and the coastal area improves its connexion with the urban stretch.

The Project was approved in Government Board of the Town Council of Palma the last 31st of July. The total budget of the works is 3, 078, 691, 48 Euros (including VAT 21%).

The timeframe foresees that once the administrative procedures in course conclude, the works will start from the next November of 2012 and might finish after six months.

The Project Aim.

· Convert the stretch of the dual highway object to the project in an urban Avenue.
· Dignify the entry in Palma, with embellishment and renovation of the space.
· Give transverse permeability to the track, allowing bi-directional connection of Polígono de Llevant and Molinar, demonstrating and promoting the proximity of the sea in the city.
· Ensure the cross flow of pedestrians and vehicles, using intersections regulated by traffic lights and pedestrian crossings projected. All defined to ensure the full accessibility of pedestrian and combine them with the traffic.
· Provide human scale the space for pedestrian use, for these purpose is giving greater width to the sidewalks, especially which will be busiest as which are in front of the Palau de Congresos.
· Reduce the traffic speed of vehicles and consequently the noise level.
· Maintain the capacity of the road, which is currently set by the capacity of the traffic lights intersection of the dual highway and Manuel Azaña, coordinating the phases in green of the traffic lights intersections situated between the aforementioned intersection and the Ma-20.

Per assolir els objectius enunciats es realitza un ajust de la superfície de la via que actualment es destina a trànsit rodat, reduint l'amplada dels carrils de circulació de 3,50 a 3,00 metres i suprimint els vorals.
L'espai que es guanya al trànsit més el disponible a la zona de domini públic, tant municipal com del Consell, s'aprofita per dotar al nou carrer de bandes enjardinades (parterres) més generosos en els dos costat i al centre, en què es crea una mitjana enjardinada de 4 metres d'amplada.

An adjustment of the surface of the road that is currently allocated to road traffic will be realize to reach the aims announced, reducing the width or the traffic lanes from 3,50 to 3,00 meters, suppressing the verges.

The space that is gain to traffic more the available in the area of public domain, both Municipal and of Consell is used to provide the new street with parks and gardens (flowerbeds) more generous in both sides and the centre, in which a landscaped median strip will be created

A sidewalk of four meters can be built by the sea thanks to these same parameters.
All new spaces will be equipped with plantations, palm trees, palmettos, pines, cypresses and black poplars as well as shrubs of the type of lantana, hibiscus, antorchasis, etc.

The lighting will be completed and reinforced, giving continuity to the Networks and typologies existing or planned in the area.

The traffic will be regulated by traffic lights, enabling turn and crossing movements that will guarantee the permeability.

Date of last modification: 14 of August 2012

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