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A Palma, menors 0,0

The City Council of Palma is promoting a campaign in order to prevent alcohol consumption by minors. The slogan chosen is "A Palma, Menors 0.0"

The goal is to sensitize adults about two purposes; not facilitating alcohol access to minors, and not promoting its consumption.

According to ESTUDES, a survey conducted between 2016 and 2017, 68.2% of minors, consumed alcohol in the last month. Our society must be aware of this situation: 9 out of 10 students, from 14 to 18 years old, believe that it is easy or very easy to get alcohol.

It is known that, to a large extent, adolescents imitate the pattern of alcohol consumption they see in adults, especially in their close social environment. Therefore, our campaign focuses on the responsibility of all adults to contribute and create a society of "zero tolerance" regarding the alcohol consumption by minors.

The objectives of the campaign will only be achieved if all responsible parties are involved: City Council of Palma, commercial sector of production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, media, educative community, and parent associations; in short, the whole society.

In addition to the information campaign, specific training is being carried out so that municipal staff acts as an element of dissemination for preventive actions. At the same time, our local police, will carry out a special control over the consumption of alcohol on the streets by minors; and actively will participate in a study to determine the real impact of selling of alcohol to minors in stores, as well.

The campaign has as a theoretical model the project SiE (Stad in Europe), financed with European funds and led in Spain by IREFREA; an institute specialized in the study and prevention of addictions that collaborates with 7 countries to design effective strategies to face the serious problem of the accessibility of minors to alcohol. The City Council of Palma has an agreement with IREFREA that acts as a specialist advisor for the municipal campaign.

Hashtag #aPalmaMenors0,0

For further information, contact the municipal Department of Social Welfare and Social Rights Telephone 971 22 5 977 Monday to Friday 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Program for parents on prevention "FERYA" aimed at entities

If you wish to request a free workshop of the FERYA Program, you can contact the web

Date of last modification: 5 of June 2018

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