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Municipal Archive

The Municipal Archive is made up of all the documentation that has been created and received by those entities that, throughout history, have carried out political and administrative duties at the City Council, as well as by those autonomous entities that are dependant from the municipal Administration.

The Municipal Archive also includes a documentary fund that has not been provided by the municipality, but that instead has been given or donated due to different reasons to the City Council of Palma for its custody. Nowadays, this documentary fund is used for researchpurposes.  

Currently, the Municipal Archive holds 3,810 metres of documentation and comprises a period between 1206 and 2003. A document inventory list and a catalogue are available to the users in the reference room, most of which is presented in the form of an electronic database. 


Street  de l'Almudaina, 9 Premises:Can Bordils.

Palma 07001 (Illes Balears)

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Telephone: 971 22 59 63
Fax: 971 22 59 36

Date of last modification: 10 of December 2019

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