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Can Ferragut (Can Caulelles)


The main doorway has a semicircular arch and leads to the entrance, from where we can see a small staircase on the right with a doorway leading to the study. A basket-handle arch gives access to the inner courtyard. The capitals are decorated with the coat of arms of the Caulelles family.


The house was built in the 16th century by Joanot de Caulelles. In the year 1660 it passed to the Pueyo family and was subsequently sold on a number of occasions. In the year 1850 it was owned by Llorenç Vicens, as mentioned by the erudite J.M. Bover in his book Nobiliario: "The house of the Caulelles family is nowadays located next to the Literary University (Universidad Literaria) and is owned by Mr. Lorenzo Vicens. The family's coat of arms is on display there: a golden shield decorated with black cauldrons, all surrounded by chains fashioned in the form of a net" (Bover, J.M.:106).

In the year 1923, the house belonged to Margalida Pou Guasp, wife of Antoni Ferragut Sbert. The Ferragut family still owns the house today.
In the year 1963, the manor was subject to reforms that were led by the architect Josep Ferragut Pou, son of the owning family.


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Street  de l'Estudi General, 9

Palma 07001 (Illes Balears)

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Further details of interest:

At the back of the inner courtyard we can admire the ceramic mural by the artist Castaldo.

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