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Municipal Patronage for Infant Schools - PMEI

Main services

The education of infants is the main objective of the Municipal Patronage for Infant Schools, created by the Town Hall of Palma. The Patronage offer psychopedagogical services and health care and aims to balance any social differences that may be present.

Since 1979, year in which this municipal, public foundation was created, the Patronage has been expanding and improving continuously its educational services. Today, thanks to the agreement signed between the Town Hall and the Ministry for Education and Culture, the Patronage offers sufficient capacity for physical or psychologically disabled children. The Patronage is supported by the Technical Health Committee from the Town Hall of Palma too, whose responsibility is the proper nourishment and health care of the infants.

As an entity engaged in teaching activities, the Patronage wishes to contribute to linguistic normalisation. Hence, its programme includes courses of Catalan language in each of its 7 schools.


Square  Nova de la Ferreria, 2

Palma 07002 (Illes Balears)

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Contact details

Telephone: 971225994 - 971225900
Atenció al públic ext. 1611 - 1633
Treballadora Social  ext. 1613 - 1617
Fax: 971 72 89 04

Date of last modification: 3 of April 2018

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