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Ca´n Oms


To the left we find the Gothic studio doorway that originates from Ca´n Sanç street. The lowered arch that leads to the courtyard is supported by pillars decorated with ionic capitals and a relief showing the coat of arms of the Oms family. To the right hand side we see the gallery, or lateral staircase landing, with a balustrade. Opposite the gallery we find an octagonal-shaped cistern neck that is embedded into the wall. In the back we discover a further lowered arch and the same type of pillars from the entrance that enclose the staircase. The right-angled staircase was built using Santanyí sandstone and shows a handrail with plain iron balustrade. On the first floor we see an elegant balcony with a balustrade that portrays the coat of arms from the Oms family. As a whole, the elements make up a harmonic scene. The backside of the façade still shows carved wooden eaves and the coat of arms of the Oms family.

Historical Reference:

Hug de Berard Palou was the owner of the house during the XVIth century. He held major political positions and liberated Cabrera from Saracen domination. Felipe II granted him a nobility title. The house was made up of several previously built houses. His successors sold it in the year 1642 to Jerònim Doms, a descendant of ancient nobility. The Oms family lived in the house during the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. In the XIXth century, the family heir, Joana Magdalena Doms Torrella, married the French soldier Enrique de Chauveron y Lavergne; the daughter and heir of the couple, Joaquina de Chauveron Doms, married Ignacio Truiols Vilallonga (from the family of the Marquis de la Torre). This family would represent Ca´n Oms from then on. According to the "Amended electoral list" of the year 1864, the house was situated on block number 1 and was owned by Mr. Francesc Truyols Chauverón "yeoman", with a quota of 8,576 pounds (AMP, 1060).

The courtyard is the result of a reform performed during the XVIIIth century. Towards the year 1872 Archduke Luis Salvador makes mention to it as if it was owned by the Truyols family and highlights its huge eaves. The Gothic portal located to the left of the entrance shows the weapons of the Armadans family that originate from the medieval house of this family, which still exists nowadays on the Ca´n Sanç street. The building is currently owned by the Town Council of Palma, which was the one to encourage the reform of the year 1982 that was led by Elies Torres.

Literary Reference:

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Street  de l'Almudaina, 7

Palma 07001 (Illes Balears)

Zone Districte 1 - Centre

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Further details of interest:

The building is currently owned by the Town Council of Palma, which was the one to encourage the reform of the year 1982.

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