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Location, population, territory and climate


The Balearic Islands' archipelago is situated south-east of Europe, in the central part of the western Mediterranean basin.  Palma, the capital of the Balearics, is located in Mallorca, on the largest of the Balearic islands, which lies on longitude  2º 39' 03" E y latitude 39º 34' 14" N.


The municipal district of Palma has an area of 21,355.84 hectares and borders the districts of Calvià, Puigpunyent, Esporles, Valldemossa, Bunyola, Marratxí, Santa Eugènia, Algaida, Santa María, Llucmajor and the sea.

The municipal district of Palma has jurisdiction over the sub-archipelago of Cabrera, formed by the islands of Cabrera, Conejera, Estells, Imperial, Rodon, Foradada, Plana, Pobra and other minor islets.


The census made on 1st January 2008 reveals that Palma has a population of 413,781 people.


Palma has a temperate Mediterranean climate with an annual average temperature of 17º C and an annual average rainfall of 450 litres per sq m

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