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PMEI - School Bonus


What is the Municipal Registry for Nurseries?
The registry lists private nurseries and / or infant schools located in Palma that meet certain criteria. The close relatives of the infants attending these nurseries or infant schools may request a School Bonus from the Municipal Patronage for Infant Schools.

What is the School Bonus?
The School Bonus is a financial aid to subsidise the educational cost to those infants that are registered in Palma and are in an unfavourable socio-economic situation.

Who may request this School Bonus?
The father, mother or legal tutors of infants under the age of 3 years that are registered in those nurseries or infant schools listed in the Municipal Registry for School Bonus during the school year 2006/07.

When can I request the School Bonus?
You may request the School Bonus between the 20th July and the 15th September. The respective infant schools or nurseries will provide you with the required documents.
The first School Bonus payment will be made in November or December, retroactively. From then on, the payment will be made on a monthly basis, once the month has ended.
The school will be obliged to return the corresponding part of the financial aid for the time the school bonus payment has been perceived without having been approved.

Date of last modification:30 of July 2018

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