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We reduce, reuse and recycle waste

New bylaws

Reduim, reutilitzam i reciclam residus

Waste production has become one of the principal problems facing modern society, as much for the resulting environmental impact as for the financial cost involved in treating this waste. For this reason efficient waste management and achieving a high percentage of recycling are two of the main objectives of the local council.

When it comes to selective waste collection we differentiate between paper and cardboard, glass, light containers and organic waste.

All that remains following separation are non-recyclable materials.

The Department of Ecology, Agriculture and Animal Welfare is encouraging a series of changes in the town in relation to waste management, focussing on:

  • Progressing towards the European objective of 50% recycling.
  • Implementing organic waste collection systems for the manufacture of compost.
  • Improving existing fixed Green Points and implementing new mobile Green Points in the town's various districts.
  • Implementing Door-to-Door systems for specific manufacturers and districts.

All the above changes depend on the participation of the local residents and, equally importantly, schools and associations.

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Date of last modification:21 of August 2019

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