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The commitment towards a sustainable environment establishes the guidelines developed by the Department for the Environment and EMAYA in order to preserve the coastal areas of our municipality.

Thus, the cleaning of each single beach within the municipality of Palma is the responsiblity of the agents appointed for their economic exploitation of the services. These agents are responsible for emptying the rubbish bins, the preservation of the good quality of the sand or the cleaning of the equipment offered to the visitors (sunbeds, showers, gangways...). During the high season, this work requires the daily cleaning of the dirt in the sand, may this be by hand (rake, shovel, wheelbarrow...) or by using mechanical devices (vans, bulldozers). The work carried out under the supervision of the responsible agents of the Department for the Environment from Palma.

EMAYA is directly responsible for the conservation of the area around the beaches and around the swimming areas. During the summer, the cleaning teams cover a daily route, Mondays to Fridays, from 7:00 hours until 2:00 hours for cleaning purposes.

Besides, EMAYA supports the services offered by the Council for the Environment with three boats that have been specially designed to fight against sea pollution and to collect floating waste. 

In order to ensure the positive outcome of the above mentioned projects, several experts from EMAYA and from the Department for the Environment periodically control the water and the sand. 

Date of last modification:1 of January 2011

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