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Beach water quality

The Town Council of Palma is aware that the quality of our beaches does not depend exclusively from its services or cleanliness, since a good swim in the sea is part of a pleasant day at the beach.

This is the reason why we pay special attention to the water quality of our beaches, controlling not only the biological parameters that are mandatory by Law but also to parameters such as transparency or solid particles in suspension.

This year we have applied the new Royal Decree 1341/2007 , enacted on 11th October, regarding the management of the beach water quality. Thus, we analyse the existence of biological parameters such as Enterococcus intestinalis and Escherichia coli. The analysis of the aforementioned parameters gives us the chance to get to learn more about the healthiness of our sea water, giving us the security of enjoying our swim in clean sea water.

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Date of last modification:22 of February 2023

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