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Tempsxtu. Now, more hours and more available places.

TempsXtu is a service for conciliation of personal and family live of families with children between 3 and 9.

Offering to parents the chance to have their own time and at the same time a play time for their children.

So, while adults do any activity of everyday life, do small shopping, personal business, go to the doctor of practice a sport¿ children can play and develop their own creativity in the toy library of Centre Flassaders.

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday: from 16:30 to 19:30 h.

Saturday morning: from 10 to 14 h.

How to access.

The first time that the service is used it's needed to fill out a registration form, and provide a passport photo and a photocopy of the child's health card. Although it is preferable to make a previous reservation for a better management of the personal time it can be used immediately if there are vacancies.

The child's data is only needed to make a reservation.

A family fee of €2 per day must be paid.

Direction Carrer de la Ferreria, 10
Telephone: 971 214 027
Place of celebration Centre Flassaders

Date of last modification: 7 of May 2019

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