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Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge and sustainability.

PMH i Sostenibilitat


It is one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own.

SUSTAINABLE PROJECT:                                                                                            Building's diesign efficient regarding the energy consumption, healthy, comfortable, flexibles in use and designed for a long service life.

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION:                                                                      Creation and Management of healthy buildings based on ecological principles and the efficient use of the resources.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS:                                                                      Materials and products of healthy construction, long-lasting, efficient regarding the resource's consumption, manufactured to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the reuse and recycling.


Global warming, climate change, exhaustion, problems caused by the different forms of pollution, waste generation and its treatment, etc., have favoured a formal agreement of Governments for sustainable development.

Building industry consumes the 50% of the global resources as well as producing a strong environmental impact and generates a large amount of waste which can be considered one of the least sustainable activities on the planet.

The environmental capital invested in urbanization and construction, as well as its impact for its creation of waste is enormous:

· Materials: the 60% of the global resources.                                                                       · Energy: the 50% of the total is consumed by buildings.
· Water: the 50% of the total is assigned to buildings.
· Wood: the 60% of all derivatives of wood.
· Sun: the 80% of agricultural land loss. 

Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge actions for sustainability:

A) Energy effectiveness of buildings.

Energy efficiency measures guide for reducing the demand and consumption of VPO's buildings in Palma de Mallorca.

This guide, developed by AIGUASOL Enginyeria, establishes guidelines for the optimization of the power demands and water consumption of buildings of new construction and restoration.


B) Housing new typologies.

New typologies and new proposals for housings of XXI century

The study, entrusted to the architect Aina Salva Tejedor, is currently in the phase of drafting and as well as the typology proposals and alternative management systems, will include strategies that benefit sustainability with predictions regarding:

· User's involvement.
· Wastes and recycling management.
· Spaces for bicycles and electric vehicles.
· Green areas and community services.
· Resource consumption reduction.


C) Environmental Management of projects and Works.

Energy efficiency is sustainability's basic component, but projects, both if the are written up by the Patronat's technical services as if they are awarded to external technicians must provide measures to reduce the environmental impact of the structural made, taking into account important aspects such as:

· Sustainable Systems and materials.
· Pollution reduction.
· Water consumption reduction.
· Waste management.
· Others (accessibility, mobility, user's involvement¿).

D) Maintenance of the housing's Parks available for rent.

The measures previously exposed are referred to works of new construction and integral restoration, missing still to be decided news environmental aspects in maintenance tasks which correspond to the PMH as the Municipal housing's manager available for rent.

This task has been initiated by the Technical Services, with a classification of dwellings, for its typological characteristics, and an initial study of the possible actions according to the criteria establishes in the guide of energy efficiency measures for the reduction of the demand and consumption of VPO buildings, in order to establish the programming of future interventions.

Date of last modification: 19 of July 2022

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